L. Franssen

Mother and Child

Oil on panel, 44,5 x 33,5 cm


End of the 17th century

Price: € 7.500

The artist of this outstanding painting is so far completely unknown. There is no entry under „L. Franssen“ in any encyclopaedia or reference work. There was a Dutch artist, Jan Fransen (1604/5 – ca. 1646), who was mainly based in Amsterdam. According to Thieme/Becker, he created numerous paintings with biblical depictions, study heads and still lifes.  However, it could also have been Jan Franssen or Frantzen, who was not born until 1644 but was also active in Amsterdam. However, no confirmed works by either artist are known.

Just as interesting as the attribution is the depiction: a young woman holds her child on her lap while she prepares a meal on a hob. At the same time she holds a rose in her hand. Most likely, Mary is depicted here with the young Jesus. The rose is then to be understood as a symbol of love.