Guided tours and workshops

If you are looking for a guided tour through the city of Münster with a focus on art, please contact us. We can suggest various tours that focus on older or younger art. As the official cathedral guide, Maria Galen will show you St. Paul’s Cathedral, other churches and the historic city center. The sculpture projects and the many remaining artworks can also be part of a tour (for example, also the fountain by Nicole Eisenman). There were already collaborative tours with artist Sandra Silbernagel at the 2017 projects.

Workshops for children and young people are also possible on various topics.

For the church St. Lamberti in Münster, Maria Galen was able to make several times children and youth workshops together with the artist Silke Rehberg. Together with the

Together with the children, special pieces of equipment could be discovered and inspired to create their own painterly and sculptural objects.