Frans Wouters

(Lier 1612 – 1659 Antwerp)


Adoration of the Kings

Oil on wood, 40,5 x 52 cm

22.000 €

Frans Wouters was a Flemish Baroque painter who mainly created smaller cabinet pieces.

He was initially apprenticed to Pieter van Avont in Antwerp, but then moved to Rubens‘ workshop. In 1635 he became master of the St Luke’s Guild. He spent the 1630s as court painter to Emperor Ferdinand II d. In 1637 he was sent as ambassador to England, where he became painter to the Prince of Wales, later Charles II of England. After his return to Antwerp in 1641 his contact with the British royal family continued. In the city on the Scheldt, Wouters again worked with Pieter van Avont and created numerous mythological and decorative scenes for the art market.